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Fiberglass Curtain Fabric,Fiberglass screen Fabric

Fiberglass Curtain Fabric

Fiberglass curtain fabric has the characteristics of self cleaning, environmental friendliness, flaming resistance, mould and bacteria prevention, static resistance, high flatness, etc. As an innovative product in textile industry, it fills the domestic blank and has become one of emerging fabrics for interior decoration. It is widely applied to foreign and domestic high-grade hotels, high-grade office buildings, offices and high-grade residential areas, etc.  
Specifications: 1.85-3.20M, Weight: 520g (±20)gsm 

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Fiberglass screen Fabric

Fiberglass screen fabric is a high-tech product applied to teaching, recreation and sports, film and television and media, features natural and clear image as well as soft color, contributes to eyesight protection, and has the characteristics of good brightness, good visual effect, low cost, mould prevention, fire resistance, water resistance, crease resistance, static resistance, etc.; the curtain fabric boasts vertical stretching, no hemming, no yellowing, no crumple and no crease.
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